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Laminate Flooring:

Your Choice, Your Style

Laminate flooring is synthetic. This type of flooring is made in layers in order to appear like hardwood, stone or tile. Firstly, a backing layer, which sits closest to the floor, is the first layer. Next, would be the fiberboard and resin which gives the laminate planks their strength. After that, comes the “photo layer” closest to the top of the flooring boards, which is designed to make the laminate look a product you desire. Lastly, there is a clear plastic layer, closest to the top of the flooring boards,  from which “laminate” gets its name. Laminate floors make for high-quality looks without breaking the bank.

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Laminate floors are made from pressed wood. In fact, this reason alone makes it is more durable and resists scratches, moisture and wear and tear. Laminate floors also tends to be a bit easier to clean. Laminate wood floors are created from composite wood pressured together at extremely high temperatures. The styling of hardwood is then placed over the composite wood, covering it to form the laminate.

UV Protection

If your home has a good amount of natural sunlight, natural wood will ultimately fade out from UV deterioration. Laminate always proves to be a great alternative to traditional wooden floors when looking for that extra protection. 


Laminate Tiles are great when adding texture to any room or flooring.

Anywhere You Like

While you can make tile laminate work in any room in your home, it’s often used for high traffic areas. it’s smart to add felt pads to furniture legs as added protection from scratches, even though tile laminate is very durable.

Get the beautiful look of wood flooring with the added protection and styling of Laminate floors.