Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you charge for your mobile showroom?

A: To start, we require a $65 deposit for the mobile showroom, but if you decide to move forward with us, it is deducted from the cost of your job, as a result.

Q: Can you match my flooring?
A: In most cases, we can match or get very close to matching the existing flooring. However, when species vary, or the existing wood has aged due to different elements, that can hinder exact matching.

Q: Will you remove all the debris from the installation?
A: Yes! As a matter of fact, we take dust collection, organization, and cleanliness seriously. Without a doubt, we work as if it were our own home!

Q: Do you need all money down for the job?
A: First, we take a 50% deposit upon starting the job. Then, the remaining balance upon completion.

Q: Can you do the stairs and handrails?
A: Yes! Additionally, we can sand & finish walls or do complete rebuilds.

Q: Do you have any special offers for Military/Veterans, First Responders & Law Enforcement?
A: Yes! For that reason, we provide a 10% discount for all service members.

Q: How long does it take to install/sand & finish flooring?
A: To clarify, there are many variables that go into each job: size, material, layout, etc. Further, we will determine the time frame of the job when we do your estimate.

Q: I have allergies. How much dust will there be in my home?
A: Certainly, we use top of the line dust-containment systems during our installs and our sand & finish process. Moreover, plastic & taping-off unaffected areas. In fact, we contain about 95% of the dust with the dustless system. For instance, we always finish the job by vacuuming throughout the house.

Q: I have a very busy schedule. How does the scheduling work?
A: We work tirelessly to accommodate our customers who have complex schedules. Hence, our scheduling is based around your needs.

Q: What type of maintenance do I need to do on my floors?
A: To emphasize, it is important to keep dust and debris off your floor. Consequently, it will wear down the finish from daily traffic & living. We recommend using a neutral-based floor cleaner every 3-4 weeks. As a result, It is best to clean up any spills right away.

Please visit us at ozarkflooring.com so we can help you with more of your FAQ’s.

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