Hopefully we can answer all of your questions here in the faq’s. Feel free to call us for any other questions you might have.

Most commonly FAQ’s about your floors:

Question: Do you charge for your mobile showroom?
Answer: Yes…Call us for more info.

Question: Can you match my flooring?

Question: Will you remove all the debris from the installation?

Question: Do you need all the money down for the job?

Question: Can you do the stairs and handrails?

Question: How long does it take to install flooring?

Question: Do you have any special offers for Veterans, First Responders, Law Enforcement and Teachers

Question: I have allergies. How much dust will there be in my home?

Question: I have a very busy schedule. How does the scheduling work?

Please visit us at ozarkflooring.com so we can help you with more of your FAQ’s.







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