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Custom wood flooring, crafted just for you

Whatever the material, you are able to choose the style that will best complement your home’s decor. Whether that be a light, medium or even a heavy woodwork treatment.  This hand sculptured flooring is finished in either matte or low to medium gloss or even painted if that is what you prefer.


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Hand-Scraped Floors

Hand-scraped wood floors also known as hand sculptured, are very popular and trending now. They have a rugged, handcrafted look. This unique hand crafted wood flooring stands out from the crowd for its natural good looks and it’s resilience to heavy family traffic.

How Are Hand-Scraped Floors Produced?

In the past, woodworkers would scrape the lumber by hand, with the help of a tool called a drawknife. In doing so, the woodworkers would make the surface even. But, would have visible scrape marks and indentations in the wood to give it a more natural look. Now the process is much more sophisticated, with the use of machinery usually equipped with wire brushes to give the wood its distressed look. Which, now allows for many different types of materials to be used.


Everyone knows that wood flooring is a compliment to any home decor. If your home is heavily trafficked with children and/or pets, you won’t have to worry about the wear and tear of the floors. Therefore, hand-scraped floors are a great choice for you. Cleaning is simpler as well; dust, debris, and animal hair are much less visible on this flooring’s uneven surface. The grooves are shallow enough that it is easy to run a broom or damp mop over them.

Quality finish

Aesthetically, hand-scraped floors look strikingly attractive in the right setting. They are the perfect finishing touch if you plan to restore a period house or display a collection of vintage furnishings, and they will add character and interest to a more modern home.