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Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Poquoson, Portsmouth, Smithfield, Suffolk and Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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Whether you’re making your first installation choice or you have previous experience, we are here to help with your wood flooring. Schedule a free consultation with us today or contact us to view our mobile showroom. We specialize in: Hand Scraped Refinishing, Decorative Concrete Overlay and Custom Built Staircases. 

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Why Wood Floors?

There are so many benefits to adding wood flooring in your home. Moreover, this is one major way to add value to your house.

Exactly What You Want

When installing wood floors, you have several styles, combinations, and textures to choose from. In fact, with this many options, you are allowed to fully express your homes desired atmosphere. Wood flooring could be anything from materials like solid hardwood, man engineered hardwood, to even bamboo. As a result, these textures comes with many shades and colors to choose from and incorporate into your home.


Wood is unique in its value. It is a slightly pricier option out of most flooring choices, but this type of flooring always pays for its self.

Easy To Keep

The longevity of real wood floors is extensive. This natural flooring also comes with the ability to be refinished, providing a brand new look and feel. In addition, cleaning Wooden floors are much easier than other options. In fact, dust and dander will have nowhere to stick and settle. The nice smooth texture of wood allows quick and painless cleaning. Installing wood floors is a great way to invest in your home.